Examples of a Revenue Stream

Revenue stream examples

Revenue Streams are the sources by which cash is generated from each Customer Segment.

If the business is considered as a lake, then Revenue Stream is its tributaries.

Business a lake

In the business world, businesses should focus on building more and more revenue streams so if one of the streams appears to be weak, then the business could depend on other streams.

A company producing more products or offering more services are considered to have more revenue streams.

It is commonly used by businesses for planning strategy and investment decisions for the business.

The following are examples of revenue streams:

Products Selling

Example of a revenue stream- Operating

Selling of products to the consumers lead to a generation of revenue for the businesses.

Consumer Services

Consumer service

Selling of services to consumers generates revenue.

Product Selling as a Service

Solar panel sold as Service

Selling of a product in the form of services, help in generating revenue for the businesses. These products contain an uncountable value which leads to its sale as services.

Business Services

Cloud computing service

Selling of services to the businesses is termed as business services.

Product Subscriptions

Selling of products in the form of recurring subscriptions are referred to as product subscriptions.

Service Subscriptions

Internet service provider revenue

Selling of products in the form of services are called service subscriptions.

Metered Services

Some services generate revenue based on their consumption by the customer known as metered services.

Advertising Fee

Advertising revenue

Some revenues come from the advertisement, targeting a specific audience.


Movie theatre revenue

Selling of media and content in exchange of fee generates revenue for the businesses.

Content subscriptions

These are the subscriptions that provide content in exchange for payments.

Rent and Leasing

Rent revenue

Revenue can be generated by granting others, the right to use your assets for a fee. These come under terms such as renting and leasing, etc.


Trademark of intellectual property

Some revenues are generated by granting others, the right to use your intellectual properties for a fee.

Adventurous Experiences

Travel real life experience

Some businesses generate revenue by providing the real-world experiences to their customers and in exchange charges fee.

Coaching or Training Services

Coaching or training revenue

Teachers and trainers provide coaching or training and in exchange charge fee.


Consultancy revenue

Professionals charge a fee from their clients by offering them their valuable advice on some matters.

Agents and Brokers Services

Broker or agenrt revenue

Agents and brokers, being an intermediary in commercial transactions, charges a fee from the investors and helps them sell their assets and goods.






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